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  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt
  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt
  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt
  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt
  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt
  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt
  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt
  • "Armstrong"    silk shirt

"Armstrong" silk shirt

The pattern is "Armstrong" -an homage to the great jazzman, Louis, Pops, Satchmo, many names and many talents!
The shirt model is "Arizona" with a bandit collar, double shell button at the cuff,  gathers at the yoke and sleeves. 
100% silk broadcloth imported from Korea, hand-printed with natural dyes (cutch) in New York City.
Silk broadcloth -also known as popeline or fuji silk- is a lovely fabric with the warmth and draping qualities of silk but a little less lustre than the traditional habotai silk. It feels like cotton...only better!
Men's shirt coming soon.



We wash things too often nowadays! There is really no need to wash clothing all the time, a simple airing is often enough -especially for silk which naturally fights off dust and mold. But when the time does comes to wash, here is how it can be done.

You can soak your naturally-dyed garments by hand, send them to the dry-cleaners, or they can go in the machine, but:

2. Wash COLD
3. Use a DELICATE cycle
4. Use a gentle Ph neutral soap like Marseilles soap or Synthrapol
5. Hang Dry

Some fading is normal and can lead to greater beauty -don’t we love our faded jeans even more? Yes we do!

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