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  • "Knowledge Is Slippery" silk face mask

"Knowledge Is Slippery" silk face mask

A very snug, fitted face mask that attaches behind the ears and neck. 
100% silk hand-printed and dyed in New York City with cochineal
The lining is hand-loom Indian Ahimsa or "peace" silk (wild silk, where the silk thread is collected without killing the moth) also dyed with cochineal in New York
Cut and sewn in Connecticut


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"Snakes and Knowledge" by Diego Campo

Belief is caused by our imagination and our subjective delusion. Like seeing a rope on the road and mistaking it for a snake, a person reacts to it fearfully as if it were a real snake nevertheless. Although the snake is unreal and imaginary, ignorance and fear exist within the mind, the ramifications of which are very real.